We believe in communication with and education of our clients and their communities every step of the way. This is paramount to a successful client/consultant relationship and a successful planning process. Through a highly interactive process, our team functions as an extension of staff, engaging with community stakeholders to define alternative solutions to complex challenges.


We specialize in the creation of ideas and the process that transforms those ideas into exciting projects. Our approach to community planning is shaped by our insights into the factors that make a plan politically and socially acceptable, as well as physically and financially feasible. We are known for the development of data-driven, statistical analyses and the experience to translate the results into practical recommendations.


The adoption of the plan is not the end of the client/consultant relationship; rather, it is a point of beginning. We remain involved in the community for years as we work with local leaders to implement priority ideas. For thirty years, we have worked with numerous clients to assist in the creation of thousands of units of affordable, tax credit housing units across Pennsylvania.

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