Westmoreland County Housing Plan

Project Description

This Housing Plan provides a narrative of major findings regarding Westmoreland County’s housing market, addresses future goals, sets housing policy, and provides a strategic plan to address housing needs. Recommendations include steps that will improve the living environment for residents, preserve the existing housing stock, assist community groups to enhance neighborhoods, target investments and incentives to identified needs, and establish a framework for focusing investments.

Beyond that, the Plan contains recommendations specific to the diverse communities in Westmoreland County using a “typology” system; for instance, actions that would be appropriate in strong vs. weak housing markets, in urban vs. rural areas. This specialized array of tools will ensure that the county’s policies consider the wide range of issues affecting its diverse communities while still advancing overall housing goals.

Project Details

  • Client Westmoreland County, PA
  • Date September, 2014
  • Tags housing study, plan
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